Hydrotherapy is a well-known alternative therapy and is popular with humans as well as dogs! The basic principle of hydrotherapy is that you or your dog can exercise, rebuild muscle strength, all in water - which supports the joints and bones and relieves some of the pressure on them. Every muscle gets a good workout, without bearing weight. It supports  a complete range of motion and improves circulation including cardio-vascular fitness.


Hydrotherapy is proven to be effective for dogs suffering from:

Hip Dysplasia
Degenerative Joint Disease

Your dog doesn't have to be ill or injured to benefit from hydrotherapy.  Is your dog carrying a few extra pounds?  If so swimming is great to help lose the weight. Show dogs and working dogs also benefit from swimming in the warm water, keep your dog's muscles toned and his condition extra fit.

Hydrotherapy is the natural, healthy way to keep your dog fit and to keep them in top condition.